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Chain Link Fence Installation

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If you think that chain link fences just come in a style or two then you’ll be surprised once you start to have a look at all the different options.  The chain link fence you will probably be accustomed to will be made from galvanized steel with the allow coated in a powdered zinc.  The reasons for the zinc is to give the fence a nice aluminium appearance and also to give some protection whilst the steel acts as a great durable barrier.

Although you will know of the traditional style of chain link fence, you might not realize that they come in different gauges which are created for different purposes.  Normally the lightest gauge you will find is about 13 and the heavier gauges come in number 12 to about 6.  If you are the average home owner then owning a fence made from the lighter gauges will be all that’s required.  However if you have a dog kennel then a thicker gauge may be in order.

Galvanising is very important but this process can either be achieved before or after the chain link has been created.  If you see the letter GBW then this means Galvanized Before Weaving whilst GAW means Galvanized After Weaving.  You will find that chain link that has been galvanised after waving is the cheapest whilst the GBW means that there is less exposure to the elements which means that rusting can be minimised.

If you are looking for a chain link fence that can give you a more contemporary appearance then you will find that they can come in different colors.  The reason for the different colors is because of the use of a polyvinyl chloride coating which gives you a chain link in yellow, red, brown, greed, blue, white and black.  This means that you can easily select what color you want and not need to worry about the hassle of painting the chain links.  Not only does the polyvinyl chloride coating give you different color choices, it also acts as another barrier towards rust.

When it comes to vinyl coating the fabric, there are three ways that this can be done.  You can extrude which involves wrapping the wire in vinyl.  When it comes to more commercial needs that thermally fused vinyl can be used but it can also be done for home owners too.  Then there is extruded bonded which sticks to the core.

If you find that over some time the vinyl becomes a bit damaged with wear and tear then you can easily spray paint the chain links whatever color is needed and this will help tremendously.

Then when you think that that’s enough to think about, you will also need to consider such matters as the mesh or “diamond” size.  Normally these will vary between 1 3/8 inches and 2 3/8 inches however you can also buy smaller sizes if you desire.  The larger size would be best if you are only wanting to mark off your boundary and it doesn a very good job.  However if you would also like to keep animals out such as cats and dogs then buying a smaller size of mesh is adviseable.

Sometimes smaller animals like moles and gophers can be a real nuisance and using the small size of mesh might not be enough to stop them getting into your propery.  This is why you will need to use a lining material.  There are different materials that can be used such as chicken wire and woven slats.  You will also find that for added privacy, having slats at the base will do a good job.

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