Greenhouse Misting Systems


If you have a greenhouse and want a system which allows you to cool and humidify then buying green house misting fans is a very good idea. They are very important if you want to create the perfect atmosphere and growing conditions for your flowers and vegetables.

Of course, when growing any kind of plant, having the perfect climate and environment for them to grow in is essential if you are looking for the best possible success. Obviously this is why you have or are thinking of having a greenhouse built. Growing plants without the use of a greenhouse can be fairly tricky so a greenhouse allows you to give the care and attention to your plants that they will need in order ot thrive. You can also grow items in greenhouses that you might not be able to do so normally because your climate is not right. So how does one go about achieving the best possible conditions for in your greenhouse?

One of the ways greenhouses work is by taking the heat from the sun which it receives during the day allowing the inside temperature to be warmer even if it is failry cold outside. The problem is that sometimes the greenhouse allows this to happen just a bit too well and this isn’t necesarly what you want. In the hotter months of the year, the outside temperature can really increase meaning that you plants become far too hot for their liking. This is not something that you want to happen unless for some reason you want your plants to die. In order to keep your green house at the perfect condition for your plants to grow then using air circulation, ventilation as well as shade will do a lot to protect your plants from the fierce heat. Unfortunately this isn’t always enough to protect your plants so you need something that bit more effective.

When it comes to humidity levels typically you should aim to achieve somewhere between 50 and 70% as these are considered to be the best growing conditions for plants in a greenhouse. Heat has a negative effect on humidity levels in that when the heat rises, the humidity drops. Your plants that are already having a hard time of it will also suffer because of the reduction in humidity levels.

Luckily you can buy some tolls which will help you protect your beloved plants that you want to grow in your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Misting Systems

These green-house misting systems allow a noticeable cooling effect on your greenhouse using evaporative cooling. Basically the unit is set up to spray ever so tiny mists of water into the air. These droplets of water are actually so tiny that they evaporate into the air and don’t settle. When in evaporation the chemical process means heat from the air is used and this allows the air to become cooler when doing do. If you spray many hundreds of millions of droplets of water in the air of your greenhouse you will notice that the temperature can drop as much as 35 degrees pretty much instantaneously. When this happens you humidity levels will increase to the levels that are disireable and you’re plants will grow a lot better.

Greenhouse Misting Fans

Misting fans are basically the same as the system described above but they also enjoy the added benefit for air circulation. This circulation of air is very important to prevent areas of the greenhouse from becoming too hot. If you have really good circulation this will mean that you growing conditions are a lot more predictable and this will reflect throughout the greenhouse. You can buy greenhouse misting fans that are up to 11,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) for airflow and the misting nozzles are on the face of the fan. So remember, the most important element for a green-house is good cool air, high humidity and proper circulation of air. If you want the best of the best, then buying a fan which is oscillating will allow the air to be stirred even better, but obviously you will need to pay extra for this feature.

Greenhouse Humidification Fans

These humidification fans use the technique of centrifugal force so that the water is whipped through the fan’s face. These might sound much the same as the misiting fans but the airflow is actually less. The reason you might want to buy them however is the fact that the cost is cheaper. You will need to attach a hose but the good thing is that they can be moved about if you decide to at a later stage. You will need to decide whether you want and oscillating or non-oscillating model plus they also come in different sizes. So you will need to sit down and think about what you require and compare all the different models along with the price. If your greenhouse is on the smaller side then a humidification fan is a perfectly adequate choice.

So if you’re a keen gardener and want to grow your plants in conditions you might normally be able to and want to ensure you have them growing in the best possible heat and humidity then buying some sort of greenhouse misting system is a descision you won’t regret. You’re plants will certainly thank you, if they have a voice that is.