Intro To Growing Your Own Herb Garden


OK, so you can go to your local supermarket to buy dried herbs in a jar but the taste just isn’t quite the same as when you grow them yourself. Not only can you grow herbs for cooking but they can also have many health benefits by making them into tinctures etc. You might think growing your own herbs would be difficult but to be honest, just about anyone can give it a go. All you have to do is take note of the following tips.

Essential Elements for Growing a Herb Garden

Light – All plants need light to survive and this is the same with herbs. Most varieties like plenty of sunshine, if they don’t receive enough light they can’t produce all those essential oils. These oils are what give the plants their taste and medicinal properties.

Soil – With herbs you need to ensure that the soil you use isn’t too alkaline or acidic. You will want to prepare the soil before you do any planting. You can do this by removing the shallow layers of top soil (keep it to one side) and then mixing the soil down to around 12 inches.

You want to get the soil full of nutrients so you can do this by mixing in compost. Once you have done this you should put the top soil back on along with more organic matter.

Drainage – Herbs like conditions which are not too dry but not too wet either, so good drainage is essential. If you’re drainage isn’t good you can improve it by laying underground drain tiles.

Don’t view herb gardening as a chore, it should be fun and if you have kids – get them involved. It’ll also give you a sense of satisfaction by growing them yourself and you have the advantage of growing them organically too.

Try and always use organic matter when growing your herbs as it’s better for them and healthier for you. Using harsh chemicals is not good for the environment either.