How To Keep Birds Away From Plants


Although most people want to encourage birds to their garden, there are those who would rather not have birds.  This might be because the birds are eating their fruit or they might be crapping on their car or driveway.  Whatever the reason, there are plenty of different methods you can try to keep the birds away from your garden.

Dalen Gardeneer BN4 14- by 45-Foot Bird-X Net with 3/4-Inch Mesh – If you are looking for a simple yet effective way to keep birds away from your plants then mesh is more than likely going to be what you’re looking for.  Just make sure that the mesh isn’t touching the plant, otherwise birds can simply put their beak through it and get to your fruit or berries.  Instead you should make a frame and attach the mesh to it.  Just make sure you calculate how much netting you need because you don’t want to accidently buy too little.

Bird-X TX-PRO Transonic Pro Electronic Pest Repeller – This product is designed to send out a frequency to deter birds along with other pests such as mosquitoes, chipmunks and mice.  There are three different noise levels and the lowest frequency can barely be heard by humans but the two loudest settings can.

The reviews have been very mixed with some people saying that it works fantastically well whilst others complaining that it’s completely useless.  If you set it at the loudest setting it can be very irritating to humans.  So if you do this, it would be best in an area where you aren’t going to annoy anyone.

Scare Eye Balloons -This is quite a fun and colorful way to keep birds away from your garden.  Basically they are like beach balls with big bright eye designs on them.  Most of the people who have bought them have been very happy however they might not work for all types of bird you want to repel.  They seem to work excellently with blackbirds whilst ducks don’t seem to bat an eyelid.

SP-10-NR Bird Spikes Kit – These spikes are simply used to prevent birds from roosting and nesting on your property.  You can place the spikes on windowsills, gutters, beams, signs, lights and many other locations.  The idea is that the spikes won’t be a comfortable place for the birds so they will simply go elsewhere.  Again, there are mixed opinions on this product but overall it seems to work well.

Bird-X BP-TRIAL Bird-Proof Gel Repellent Trial kit – This is simply a gel which you apply to a variety of different surfaces with a regular caulking gun.  The surfaces you can apply it to include windowsills, roofs, gutters and even trees.  The gel is sticky and therefore unattractive to birds when looking for somewhere to roost.  The gel lasts for about a year or so, which means you will need to buy more gel later.

Hopefully you’ll have some idea of what you should do to tackle your bird problem.  Remember, it’s difficult to know exactly what the best course of action is because everybody’s situation is different.