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Organic Gardening

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Most gardeners love wildlife, however in protecting their gardens from pests such as greenfly and slugs, they are also harming other wildlife such as butterflies and bees which are considered gardeners’ friends. You don’t need harmful pesticides in you garden to keep it looking good, just a little thought and consideration will give you a garden to be admired.

Companion Planting

The idea behind companion planting is that bugs will be either confused or repulsed by certain plants so they will stay away. For instance, onion flies hate carrots whilst carrot flies hate onions, so if you plant onions and carrots together you should have pest free vegetables. Other partnerships which work well are French marigolds and cabbages, plus anis and brassicas. Growing herbs is also a good tactic.

Work With Nature

There are many creatures in the garden which are very helpful for many reasons including getting rid of insects which destroy your plants and improving the quality of your soil. Earthworms, microorganisms and insects are amongst your garden helpers.

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