Arctic Bramble | Description, Origins & Uses

The Arctic bramble, also known as Rubus arcticus, is found north of around 60 degrees north latitude. Even in the highlands, you may find it over the whole of Finland and Scandinavia. It is most usually seen in the northern regions. It may be found growing in wet grassland, ditches, along roadsides, and in skogslegor, for instance. Both Russia (including Siberia) and North America are included in its distribution zone. The Arctic bramble is the official flower of Norrbotten County.


This shrub is dainty and elegant in its appearance. Typically, the petals have a deep crimson color. The three-fingered leaf discs sometimes take on an almost grid-like appearance. The fruit has a mouthwatering fragrance and flavor, and its color may range from dark crimson to almost black (which can be described as “an association of raspberry – and strawberry flavor “). These berries have a tough time ripening in the middle regions of Scandinavia, and much less so in the southern regions of Sweden. Ymnigast ripens in the coastal sections of Norrland that are located to the north of Halsingland, and you may find them pretty often in the forests of Lapland. Already in August, the fruit will begin to ripen. The following quotation can be found in Linnaeus’ Flora Lapponica: “with their worn vinlika nectar, the more often fired him when he almost sank from hunger and fatigue.” This is the reason given by Linnaeus for the length of the description he gave of this plant. Linnaeus traveled through Lapland during the time period known as the “Lapp” expedition.

Confluence that has grown

Research conducted at the Ojebyn research station of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) has resulted in the creation of a hybrid between the raspberry and the Alaska raspberry ( Rubus arcticus ssp stellatus ). The combination of these two species is known as an all-kerbar (Rubus x stellarcticus). It is possible to cultivate it in every region of Sweden. The flavor doesn’t quite reach “kerbaret heights,” but it’s close.


  • Byttbär
  • Ikornbar – Dalarna (valley)
  • Finland’s Ground Raspberry as a Country
  • Jungfrubar – Halsingland (There is a possibility that Jungfrubar is related to the natural stone bath.)
  • Vikon, villkon – Finland (Ostrobothnia)


The parfait may be transformed into a delectable jam. Mesimarja is a kind of liqueur that is traditionally used in Finland. It derives its taste from brambles.


The name Arcticus comes from the Latin word for north, arctos. (The landmasses of the Arctic and Antarctica are very different from one another.) The genus name for beavers is Castoreus, which comes from the Latin word “castor.”

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