Different Types of Ornamental Fences: How to Choose Best One for You 2022

To a great number of individuals, fences can mean a variety of things. For some people, it might be a way to maintain their privacy while sitting in the garden; for others, it might be a way to exclude animals; and for yet others, it might be a technique to stop thieves from breaking into their property. However, fences can also be erected in your garden for decorative purposes, so they aren’t merely a functional addition to your outdoor space. Because of this, you’ll discover that garden fences are manufactured from a wide variety of materials and are available in a number of distinct designs.

Aluminum is a common material for the construction of ornamental fences due to the fact that it is very strong, can be formed into a wide variety of forms, and can also prevent oxidation. Even some fences that appear to be crafted from wrought iron are actually composed of aluminum, despite their appearance.

Although aluminum is often a great alternative to wrought iron, you might still prefer to have your fence made from this more traditional material. The good thing is that there have been some great advances in wrought iron materials and manufacturing which allow them to be just as stylish as any other metal. Also, modern wrought iron is actually a lot less brittle, and they aren’t as likely to rust as wrought iron used to.

However, you don’t need to be confined to using metal for your ornamental garden fence. There are other materials that are just as beautiful in their own individual way.

For those who like to have a maintenance-free garden, then buying a vinyl fence is probably going to be quite high on their list of fences to choose from. In terms of being decorative, vinyl can be extruded into different shapes and will also come in pretty much whatever color you desire. Not only can vinyl fencing be very decorative, but it can also last for just about ever. It won’t peel or crack and can be designed to fit even the most oddly shaped gardens; you might even be able to buy it curved.

Although there are some great modern materials that can be used for garden fences, for many, wood is still the king of fence materials. Wood can easily be cut into many shapes, and you will find that they can be created in many unusual and decorative ways. It’s really up to the designer how fancy or simple the design will be. Although picket fences can still easily be considered ornamental, for some people, they are just a bit too popular and commonly found in many gardens.  If you want something more contemporary, you can have wood fences cut into waves, scallops, waffles, or anything else you might have in mind.

Of course, when it comes to being decorative, don’t forget the fence posts.  There are some that have lighting integrated or you might elect to choose metal caps that have an ornate design.  Let your imagination run wild.

There are then other details that can be added to your design of the fence, such as a spear top, quad-flare, or maybe a ball cap. Don’t forget the gate, as this should also fit into your style of fence and will not only serve a function but also look great too. If you have a family crest, this could be worked into the design, or perhaps you might want to include the name or number of your house.

If you want the best of everything, then you should look at having a gate that has automatic controls.  This will not only make your life easier and add an extra level of security to your home, but it will also prevent wear and tear on your decorative elements.

When designing an ornamental fence, it’s very easy to get carried away. There is a big risk that you could end up trying to integrate every style and decorative feature you can find into your fence and gate. The result is a design that is somewhat over the top and could easily be hideous. It might be better just to choose one or two of the best ideas rather than try to incorporate every idea you ever had into one design. This isn’t always easy, but you’ll be glad that you simplified the design.

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