Does Garden Reflect Personality?: Why Growing Green Is Good

Many people who enjoy gardening have a nurturing personality, much like Mother Nature. People who are able to cultivate virtually any plant have been given the nickname “green thumbs.” Do you have the type of personality that thrives on change? Are you the kind of person who enjoys watching the progress and maturation of other people? If this is the case, you probably enjoy being in an environment with young people, and even though you are worn out at the end of the day, you believe that the effort was worthwhile if it enabled you to assist others. So is there green in your garden?

It might sound like a foolish inquiry, but can you tell me if the garden has any green in it? The majority of people have the misconception that greenery just magically arises in a garden. The colour green almost usually appears in the leaves and stems of plants. However, green can also be utilised on its own as an accent colour, despite the fact that this use is sometimes disregarded. This is similar to how the nurturing individual, such as a teacher, preacher, or farmer, is frequently taken for granted. The world’s caregivers are extremely important, yet they aren’t always given the credit they deserve.

Why does the color of a garden even matter? Many psychologists have studied the effects of colors on the human psyche for years. Colors both reflect our current emotions and elicit certain emotions from us. In other words, if you feel happy, you may wear your yellow shirt to work. Yellow is a happy color. If you look on the walls in the doctor’s office, they are most likely blue or some other calming color. Green is a color of growth and nurturing. Used in the garden, can give those feelings liberally.

Many people focus on the brightly colored flowers – the reds, yellows, and oranges, but they overlook what a simple green can do for the garden. The next time you go to the greenhouse to pick out flowers for your garden, take a moment and consider this. It’s important because the garden – and your whole house – should reflect your personality. If you are the nurturer, let the green come out and show the neighborhood that this is your sanctuary.

When it comes to greenery, use it liberally in the garden. It’s difficult to have too much green. Using green in the garden has a two-fold effect. First, by filling the garden with a green backdrop, the other colors will stand out more vibrantly. If you set off a firework in the middle of the day, it’s rather unimpressive. But if you place it on a dark backdrop, it will light up the sky. Green in the garden helps to accomplish this. Green also has a second effect. It gives the appearance of a lush, healthy garden. It’s nice to see the different flowers in a garden, but if you fill in the areas between them with some greenery it makes the entire landscape seem to jump to life.

So when it comes to your garden, does your loving and nurturing side come to the front? Can your neighbors see the effect of your green thumb? With the careful placement of some green plants, you can bring your garden to life and make it an extension of yourself. After all, you spend a great deal of time, effort, and money in the garden. Shouldn’t it reflect part of you?

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