Maqui Berry Smoothie: Best Anti-ageing Drink to Retain Your Youth 2023

Maqui, also known as Chilean Wineberry, is a fruit that is native to the rainforests in the Patagonia region of Chile and southern Argentina. Due to the many amazing health properties that this fruit possesses, it is regarded as a superfruit. Because it has properties that reduce inflammation, it can be beneficial to people who suffer from bone and joint pains. Maqui berries contain anthocyanins and polyphenols, two types of antioxidants that protect the body from damage caused by free radicals and slow the aging process.

Maqui is a type of evergreen tree that is relatively small in size and has branches that are abundant, but are very thin and flexible. It has a white flower that is quite small and produces a maqui berry, which is a small fruit that can be eaten and is a popular source of nutrition for birds. The berries, which are small and dark purple in color, are roughly the same size as blueberries. The maqui berry is also referred to as maqui, maquei, queldrón, ach, koelon, and clon in the native language of the area.

The native Mapuche people are said to have consumed the fruit that is now considered mythical. Maqui was documented as being used by indigenous people to make chicha, a fermented beverage, by Claude Gay in the year 1844. In modern times, maqui berries can be processed into jam, juice, an astringent, or used as an ingredient in various processed foods and beverages.

There is a limited supply of fresh maqui berries available in the United States. The maqui berry is typically sold as a juice drink, supplement, or powder and can be purchased online.

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Maqui Berry Smoothie

1 cup frozen strawberries
½ cup blackberries, blueberries, or raspberries
½ banana
1 cup orange juice
1 tsp lemon juice
1 oz. Maqui Berry Juice
Crushed Ice (if desired)

1. Put all of the ingredients in a blender with crushed ice if desired.
2. Blend until smooth.

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