Should I Install Vinyl Fence? : How to, Pros & Cons 2022

Even if we think of gardens as a means to get away from the stresses of modern life, the world of gardening is still making significant strides in terms of technological advancement. The installation of vinyl fencing is one example of such an improvement.

The endurance of a vinyl fence, in addition to the fact that it will maintain its brand-new appearance regardless of the weather or other external factors, is the primary reason why you should select it over a wooden alternative. All that is necessary to do to restore its appearance to that of having been put in place just yesterday is to give it a short cleaning. You are going to discover that peeling and cracking are things that are not going to happen to your vinyl fence very often. In addition, insects do not appear to have developed a liking for vinyl.

Because vinyl is a non-porous material, it does not support the growth of mildew like wooden fences do, which is a common issue with hardwood fencing. If you do end up with mildew on your vinyl fence, it is because you have allowed it to become dirty, and the mildew is attached to the dirt, which is organic matter. This is because you have allowed it to become unclean. If you want to get rid of it, all you need to do is obtain some soapy water and scrub it off with a brush. This is the only thing you need to do. If you want the results to last for a longer period of time, you can even use a bleach spray that has been diluted.

If you like the idea of having a vinyl fence but still love the look of real wood then you should understand that vinyl really looks a lot like wood and it’s pretty difficult to tell them apart.  You have to go up close and touch them to realize that they are different.  Another great thing about vinyl fences is that you don’t need to paint them as they already come in the color your desire.  However, you should know that dark colors can fade with time so think about that when buying.

If you do decide you want to paint your vinyl fencing you just need to make sure that the surface is nice and clean plus you choose a suitable type of paint.  Have a look to see if the paint you are buying can be used on vinyl and it should also be suitable for outdoor use.

When it comes to constructing your vinyl fence you will discover that it’s very easy because no nailing or screwing parts together is required.  Normally vinyl fences are just sold in such a way that you simply snap them together with molded tabs that are in-built.

When browsing the available choice of vinyl fencing you will realize that it is co-extruded and mono-extruded.  It’s embedded during manufacturing with UV-resistant chemicals (normally titanium dioxide) to slow down the fading process.  When if you choose white vinyl fencing you will find that it hardens under the sun and this can make it brittle if bent.  With co-extruded vinyl, you will find that there is a double layer with an outer layer that contains compounds that are resistant to UV.  This is usually less expensive.

Picket fencing is popular the world over and is usually the type of fence we think of and can be found made from vinyl too.  They are manufactured to be the same dimensions are traditional picket fencing so you shouldn’t be disappointed.

There is another style of fencing that you might not be quite so familiar with but have probably still see it anyway.  It’s often called cleft or waffle fencing and looks a bit like a basket weave.  There are several narrow strips that thread in and out which is a very attractive yet sturdy option for garden fencing.

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