Things to Think About & Prepare Before Jumping Into Gardening

Gardening is a wonderful hobby since it combines physical activity with the opportunity for intellectual growth. In most cases, as long as one does not go too overboard, it is more of a stress-reliever than it is a stress-causer. However, because there is so a wide variety of choices, it could initially appear to be quite overwhelming to someone who has never attempted gardening before. For the seeker’s good fortune, just like with any other interest, a substantial amount of information is currently available. The finest piece of guidance, though, is to cultivate relationships with local farmers.

The Internet is, without a doubt, the central repository for any information that may be required. It is possible to learn how to make Chicken Kyiv, find out the final score of the World Series in 1961, and do all of this while engaging in a game of cards with a child of the same age on the other side of the world. Additionally, gardening knowledge can be found on the Internet.

Somewhere in the vast network of computers, the Internet will contain all the information you need when starting a garden. However, there is no substitute for experience. Find and befriend a farmer. Talk to someone whose family has worked the land for generations. Farmers don’t just know the crops, they know the land. They can tell you when it’s going to be a bad winter or a dry summer.

Whether you have the Internet, a farmer, or his almanac, there is information you will need when you start a garden. First, you have to decide what you are going to grow. Do you want to garden with flowers? Do you want to grow vegetables? Do you want to plant trees? Once you have decided this, the Internet can show you what plants grow well in your area. Not every fruit, vegetable, and flower grow equally well in all areas. It’s why you don’t see orange trees in Alaska.

The climate plays a gigantic role in what grows where—and when. In a similar vein, you need to learn when the growing season is in your area. Not every area grows plants at the same time. North Dakotans will tell you that you don’t plant anything in April that is not cold-resistant. You can be certain that you will receive one last snowstorm, and you don’t want it to wipe out your hard efforts before you even start.

So now you take what you want to grow—that actually will grow, what season you will grow it, and you need to plant it. Planting is more complex than just dropping seeds into the ground. It may have worked for Johnny Appleseed, but real gardeners need to prepare the soil. They may need to fence the garden before ever planting a seed. Anyone who has had their delicious-looking ripe broccoli devoured by a hungry bunny knows the value of a roll of chicken wire.

Once that is done, you plant and wait. Some plants need careful monitoring during their growth; others can just be left alone. Again, a farmer can tell you this. Regardless of what you decide to grow, gardening is a rewarding hobby. Flower growers can see the fruits of their labors bloom. Vegetable growers can eat the products of their labor. No matter what, though, gardeners put everything into their work and deserve their rewards.

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