3 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Garden Fences

Many individuals decide to install fences in their gardens for a variety of reasons, including providing support for climbing plants, establishing a boundary, providing seclusion, and ensuring their safety. Because there is such a diverse selection of fences available for purchase, each of which has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, it is in your best interest to do some investigation into which option is most suitable for your needs.


If you reside in a location that frequently experiences high winds, then this factor will undoubtedly influence the choices that you make when shopping. Because they will be more prone to toppling over if there is a sturdy barrier, this is not a smart idea. A fence with open-work panels is preferable, but you may even plant a hedge in its place.


If you choose a wooden fence then make sure that it hasn’t been preserved with creosote as the fumes can be poisonous to plants that may want to grow. If after some years you notice your fence starting to lean over, place a strut against it for support, if doing this then you should grow some tall plants to disguise it.

If you already have a wooden fence and would like to make it taller without replacing the whole fence, you can place a trellis on the top. To do this you must first extend the fence posts so they are at least the height of the trellis. The extension panels come in different shapes, scalloped and straight. You can make your own but it is of course much easier to buy from a garden center.


When purchasing a fence for security reasons you can make them extra burglar-resistant by placing special plastic spikes on the top, you can buy these from a garden supplies shop. This will prevent thieves from climbing over.

If you are growing a hedge then you can also grow prickly plants such as roses and brambles. They are great for wildlife and are a very effective barrier for thieves. Related Products: Origin Point 053210 Garden Border Round Folding Fence, White, 32-Inch x 10-FeetGarden Creations JB4710 Extendable Instant Fence Oriental Furniture Oriental Gardening Accents, 41-Inch Japanese Fence Garden Gate, WD04-6

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