Types of Wooden Fencing – What Is Most Suitable One for My Garden? 2022

Even though there are so many new materials being invented all the time, sometimes the tried-and-true classics, like wood, are the ones that end up being the most popular. This is probably going to be the case when it comes to garden fences. It’s possible that while we’re in our gardens, we feel the need to disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with the natural world around us.

Cedar is consistently ranked as one of the top picks for use in the construction of wooden fences. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also provides a number of wonderful benefits, such as the ability to resist rot and insects. You also have a variety of color options to pick from, such as Western Red Cedar, which is red in color, or Northern White Cedar, which is yellow in color. Both of these options are available to you.

Cedar fences can do pretty well without being cared for, but if you want to keep your cedar fence for as long as possible, then you must ensure that you care for it every so often. You can use oils that can act as a barrier to moisture and will also enhance the appearance of the cedar. Alternatively, there are stains that can be used on wood fences, and these should also have UV protection.

If you decide that you don’t want cedar for any reason, you can possibly choose redwood instead. It looks great and is naturally resistant to insects because of compounds that are naturally present in the wood. There are also compounds present that fight off mildew.

You don’t really need to stain redwood because it’s already the color that most people love. It’s really the color that people are attracted to when buying a redwood fence. Instead of staining the redwood fencing, you could try using shellac or oil. This will really help a lot when it comes to extending the life of the fence.

Although the above woods are great as fence materials, you should also look at composites because they are even more practical. Composites are made from a mixture of resin and wood shavings, which creates a real wood look but with added benefits. They last considerably longer than real wood and don’t need any care. With so many things to do in life, caring for a fence is probably not a priority for you.

Although you can paint composites, you don’t really need to unless you change your mind about the color. Composite fences can work out more expensive, but you might feel that in the long run, they are cheaper because they last longer and don’t need much care.

Not only should you look at the materials on offer for fencing but you should also look at the styles available.

How you go about designing your fence will depend greatly on what materials you have decided to choose, your budget, and also the ability of the person who has to do the work. There is no end to the number of designs you can come up with, and it’s well worth spending time on this aspect of your garden.

Probably the most popular fence of all time is the picket fence. It’s a very traditional style that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Although they are everywhere, seeing those boards lined up next to each other is very pleasing to the eye. Many variations cap the fence with lattice-type fencing that lets through sunlight and gives the fence a stylish look.

Another option that is still very simple is to have the slats next to each other but they are positioned offset alternately. Small animals will still be able to get through the fence, but you will still be able to retain privacy. Sometimes the simplest designs are the best because you don’t get easily bored of them. This is all just part of the landscaping idea. If you do, then you can simply grow plants over them, which will help to mask the fence.

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